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The Raw Collection

£19.99 GBP


The Raw Lightroom preset collection are my go to when I want something a little retro, a little bit raw and grainy with a soft touch. I developed these to work as a base on most of my images and find they either work perfectly or become a wonderful starting off point.

Joni is like an old photo that's been left in the sun. She reminds me of old images from the 70s and I love the warmth she brings.

Willow is a black and white inspired by monochrome film photos. She's grainy and raw and classic.

River has warm and cool tones, she adds a cool vibe to most images with her soft grainy effect and has some of my favourite  colour tones.

The collection also comes with an install guide and information on how to make the best out of the presets as well as DNG files of the presets for Lightroom Mobile.

This collection  is only compatible with the latest versions of Lightroom Classic.

It is illegal to distribute these presets beyond purchase.

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