On a positive note…

I was sitting here all morose and shit after yesterdays traumatic events thinking,well this blows, so decided instead to do another blog post of things I love that I can add to my beingpositiveandallhippielike list. Obviously loads of awesome things came to mind, but I am a little apprehensive as quite a few are either way obvious…or pretty dull. OH WELL HERE GOES!

1. Rape…Seed.

So I have this American friend I talk to, and for the past month I’ve been going on about how excited I am for the rape to come out. He was shocked to say the least. It is amusing even now though that when we Skype and I mention the rape he still can’t help looking confused/shocked…and to be fair it’s not many places where it’s acceptable to utter the words ‘OH LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL RAPE’…I mean I’m pretty used to it, so it’s nothing to me now, but only from saying it to an American did I realise that yeah, pretty weird actually.Despite the inappropriate name, I love when the Rape Seed comes out, makes the whole country look like it’s some kind of fairy tale! Though I’m sure in a fairytale it would be called Yellow Kisses or Lemon Looking Loveliness or some shit. I’m good with Rape


Holy crap is that shit good. I mean seriously! I don’t eat well at the best of times, but put me anywhere near a Tesco packet of scotch pancakes, a crepe or those massive fat boy American style pancakes and I am ALL OVER IT! I don’t even need fancy maple syrup or sugar and lemon, just plain ol’ butter and I’m good. Though Nutella is always appreciated. It is my dream for someone somewhere to open up an IHOP style chain over here, I mean it’s dangerous as I would essentially live there and become the size of Dawn French at her heaviest…but lets be honest, she seems pretty fucking happy! I recon it’s all the pancakes she eats, would make even Kristen Stuart crack a smile!

3. VW Vans

Because even when the most ridiculous looking people, say people who still rock the mullet, or those who insist on wearing denim on denim on denim, even those guys look cool! I mean lets be honest, the VW van is maybe the most coveted item of the creative…why? I dunno, as far as I can ascertain, they just ROCK THE MOST MAN! The dream of owning a car that could not only actually fit all your crap that you wish you could have with you all the damn time, but also has the space that you could SLEEP IN THE FREAKIN BACK! Ok so I’m kinda describing a hobo, but still, their underrated as well…maybe they got the right thing going on, except for the whole not having money to eat thing…I digress…

To sum up, please, someone, anyone…please buy me a VW van. In return I will marry you. I know, hard to turn down aye!

4. The future.

Ok so here’s what I love about the future…it could be anything!!! You don’t know what is going to happen in 10 years, you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow…hell you don’t even know what’s going to happen in the next 30seconds, and to me that is seriously empowering! I mean, the possibilities are endless, and that’s so exciting isn’t it? Take today, I was sitting here feeling all bummed out, and now, well I’m writing about stuff I love and on a freaking NATURAL HIGH because of it :) That just means in the future and I’m bummed out again, I know that it won’t last, and believe in the possibilities!!Ok so I’m sounding all spacey and hippie like, and SORRY I’M NOT SORRY? The unknown, it’s not to be scared of but embraced, and I for one love not knowing,keeps me on my toes :)

5. The sun.

Don’t need to explain it, 99% of people love it except those who are allergic or follow the ‘goth’ mentality. I feel sorry for them…but then, they feel sorry for themselves too. Maybe they need a huge Vit D injection pronto, then they might warm to another colour except black…and yeah, black ain’t even a colour!!


I know right, and I’m a photographer so I should hate it or something aye? But no, I am addicted right along with the rest of the world, and why? It’s not because it makes every photo look cool (though that’s nifty aye), it’s because I can’t carry my massive DSLR with me everywhere. I mean damn, I wish I could, but that bastard is heavy as balls, and also…someone might steal it and stuff, can’t behaving that! On the other hand my mobile is with me all the time, I mean every second of every day…which also includes but is not limited to, going to the toilet, sitting in the bath, beside my bed, watching tv, looking on the internet, taking photos…I mean everywhere. The beauty of this? Well it means I can also take a photo anywhere and everywhere, which is made even better with the awesome little filters! I can edit it in seconds and BOOM, it’s online. Not great for a fashion spread or a billboard, but good for a memory aye :)

7. Photo and AAA passes

It makes me feel badass.

8. Badminton.The only sport I could actually play. But also, you can get awesome little versions in Asda and stuff and play it anywhere! I know that gives of the impression I’m a dork, but really…I’m a dork yeah.

9.Sitcoms of the 90’s and early 00’s.

Dawsons Creek, The OC, Freaks and Geeks, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Friends…I’ve seen them all, and multiple times! I realise at this point this list is becoming more a commentary on how much of a loser I am…and I’m ok with it, now wait here while I go drown myself.

10. Roadtrips.

There is nothing in this world that evokes the feeling of an adventure like a road trip, and I for one plan to have many this summer…even if the ‘road’ part only actually takes like 50 minutes. It’s more about the whole trip, the camping, the hanging, the frolicking, the photos! I like creating my own fun :)and this tends to involve streaking at some point…


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