All things positive and such…

So I’ve decided to start my week with a healthy dose of being positive seeing as recently I’ve been talking a lot about my fucked up-ness and it just ain’t on.I’m realising recently that positive thoughts can only produce a positive attitude and outcome, and hey, anyone who knows me knows I’m in dire need of some of that!

So I thought I would do a list of all things I love, these are in no particular order, just stuff that occurs to me as I write, so….

1. Buddy.

This is partly why I decided to make this list, off the back of realising I love Buddy.Buddy is a dog. He is the best dog. He is not my dog.

I kind of adopted Buddy in a way after a couple of Christmases ago going for a walk in the snow with my then boyfriend, then having Buddy shoot out of a nearby house and start running in erratic and energetic circles around us both. Well any dog that starts acting like a loon just for seeing new people to play with,immediately love him OF COURSE!!!

After that I would go for walks up the road to find him wandering around on his own and encourage him to follow me home, not that any encouragement was needed, as per my description above, he loves people…and attention. It was obvious after that that he obviously wandered around the whole area up to the houses on my road for some lovin. He came to ours most though :)

It occurred to me to add him straight to the list because two days ago when he was hanging at the house I found he had disappeared from the kitchen…not good seeing as one other time this had happened I found him chewing on a sanitary product he had retrieved from the bin! Yeah. Gross. So I go in search of him with heightened fear of what I might find, and instead find him chilling on the spare room bed all cute and cosey like. Well I jumped on there with him and had a snuggle of course! So yeah. I love Buddy. (Incidentally, I named him Buddy,no idea what his real name is).

2. Sad music.

Except of course, it isn’t sad for me! It is my therapy in fact, it clears my head and yeah, sometimes it make me feel lots of stuff and reflect and all that but hello! That’s me anyway duh! So yeah if anything it just inspires said feelings which I only take as good. I mean, give me a Simon and Garfunkel song about the ends of books or zoo animals over Rhianna and her lyrics about shaking things this way and that ANY DAY! Not to mention new version of things that have already been but are just different enough to love just as much! Examples being The Tallest Man On Earth (modern Bob Dylan) or Milk Carton Kids (new Simon and Garfunkel), and they too sing depressing lyrics of lost love, or are happy lyrics but equally depressing guitar sounds…still it feeds me. And I wouldn’t want to be one of those people that listens to upbeat Reggae whilst they drink their fruity drinks and dance round the kitchen, I like listening to my sad reflective music in the car on my own and watching the sunset… And this doesn’t make me a loser! Try it some time and YOU WILL SEE! It’s beautiful to look at something beautiful whilst listening to something beautiful. End of.

3. Harry Potter

I don’t feel the need to explain this except to point out that those that have read them will understand, and those that haven’t who say they’re crap AREN’T ALLOWED AN OPINION BECAUSE THEY HAVEN’T READ THEM!!!


And I’m not talking about those tiny cookies that are basically glorified biscuits that are all crunchie and hard and all bunched up together in a plastic wrapper. I mean the awesome chewie yummy kind that you get in places like Sainsbury’s and taste all doughey and freshly baked and have chocolate chips the size of MY FIST! I mean I could literally eat these for days, and sometimes do, which reminds me again I probably shouldn’t ever complain when I’m feeling chunkie myself because…it’s totally my fault clearly!

6. All films and especially those released in the 80’s

Because everything else in that decade can pretty much fuck off in my opinion, I mean I may have been born then but quite frankly it just ain’t my decade.Music (mostly) sucked balls, my preference will always be what was produced in the 2 decades prior to the 80’s…I would much rather a rocking guitar sound coming from the likes of Jimi Hendricks or the early recordings of Pink Floyd than hear a bunch of nancies in their silly suits sing about the colour Gold,seriously!

BUT THE FILMS! I mean this is when films were cheesy and adventurous and emotional and overly dramatic but IT WAS OK! We’re talking about the film version of the 80’srock ballad, but instead of just suck, in film it works!!! And kids films! Let us all bow down and thank the GOD that is Spielberg for directing and producing the soundtrack of our childhood!!! E.T., The Goonies, Back To The Future! And then lets not forget the classic and heartwarming tales from Reiner like Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally and Stand By Me…my list is never ending because you have the brilliance of John Huges who taught us the way to rebel was to dance in unison in an empty library with other misfits, or make your very own PINK DRESS! Ahhh it’s all just so perfect, it’s all just so wholesome!

I will quickly give a shout out to films like Top Gun, which may be the only film EVER in my huge and rapidly growing film collection that has Tom Cruise in where I don’t completely hate him (although whilst typing I’ll admit that Cocktail is in there too). It’s tough because I really really do hate him…but hey, this was they 80’s so I’ll let it slide and enjoy the homo eroticism and 3 songs that are repeated 800 times in the film because apparently they couldn’t afford anymore than ‘Danger Zone’ and ‘You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling’.

7. Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Nuff Said.


Now this is difficult, because OF COURSE I love them, but they clearly would also go on the ‘things that annoy the fuck out of me’ list too because no one else on the planet can also wind me up more or make me so angry I turn in to the lady version of The Incredible Hulk!

HOWEVER,I will quickly give them individual shout outs because they really are all fabulous and maybe the reason they annoy me SO MUCH is because I also love them so much and we are all just up in each others grills all the time, ahem, so hear goes…

Dad - My father is a bloody legend. I know people nearly always say this about their dads, no but seriously, he fucking is. This man knows everything about everything and is in some sort of race with Stephan Fry with how much knowledge they can actually fit in their head!! It’s Stephen by the nose, just, but then his nose is broken, and my dad’s isn’t, so dad gets extra points for that then doesn’t he. Yeah! Go team dad!

Siobhan -Older sister and a know it all. But then, it comes in very handy with just about everything from calling up for help preparing for job interviews to sending over stuff to her that she sends back all perfect and proof read and correct and what not. I mean she is kinda like dad, but with a maternal nature,so you get the benefit of the brains but with a hug to go along with it and a knowing smile that says ‘I’m proud of you’ when you did something good :) Dad would do this. But dad is drunk.

She is also very very brave and I trust nearly everything she says because she’s like that. She’s trustworthy and always has a clear head about everything. One of the most balanced people out there probably (when she takes her Vit D).

Jamie -Older brother. Jamie is a bit of a mystery. I’ve always been curious as to what great minds like Aristotle or, I don’t know, Stephen Hawking would write about had they met him. He is kinda fascinating really, trying to guess what might be going on in his brain at any given moment is like trying to guess what the weather is going to be like in 2073, bit pointless aye. And the answer anyway is probably, just, a lot. However he is my best friend, and I think a large part of the reason for this is because he makes stuff…as do I. When your bro is another person that like to create and likes stories and sadness and uses stuff to make music and stuff…even though that sentence doesn’t make much sense,that’s why I love him! He is a creative introvert who is also a weird ballsy overly flirty with all the waitresses in the universe extrovert! Work that one out Plato! Plus some how his flirting works! It’s a gift he got from my father,and I don’t know how they do it but they just do!

Kirsty -Younger sister. Holy shit where do I start with this one. Seriously. And I know if any of Kirsty’s friends are reading this they are nodding with a small grin on their face in understanding…because seriously, where do I start guys??? Kirsty is a weirdo. She is the kind of girl who brings a Pineapple on a first date as a gift (she has actually done this). She is the kind of girl that persuades all the other girls in her office to buy roller blades with her so they can all go skate in some park in the middle of London on their lunch break…but not only that! She also pursuades them to buy MATCHING HEAD GEAR! And yes, that head gear is pink…as if it couldn’t get any worse. Kirsty is the kind of gal that somehow gets away with flashing her boobs (only to girls don’t worry), and swearing non stop, and calling you a cunt and just always getting away with it.And I swear if I did it back to her she’d be all like ‘Al, that’s just not nice aye’. No Kir you’re right it’s not, if only I had her talent for just being weird and rude and inappropriate whilst making the world fall in love with her at the same time! Dammit!

Mum - Mum loves me unconditionally and even on days when I turn up at her work and cry onto her office desk for an hour because LIFE JUST HATES ME SOMETIMES AND I AM THE SHITTIEST PERSON ON THE PLANET!!! I mean, jasus, any woman who can deal with that is a saint clearly! She is also the kind of woman who will, days after dealing with such encounters, post a card through my door with the words‘I wish I could show you when you’re lonely or in the darkness the astonishing light of your being’ - I mean what I lady, seriously!


It’s gross and killing me and giving me bad skin and wrinkles. But I love it and it makes the list, so there.


Well duh!And because I write about it all the time and, just, never shut up about the light and the world and how I just want to capture everything forever till the end of time, I will keep this short…because yeah. You get it.

10. Sun.

When thesun is out I am happy, it is just that simple! If you want to see me in a goodmood, then hang out with me on a sunny day, good emotional gauge! Except it’snot good at all really, because unless I somehow discover how to control theweather, my mood will forever be sun = happy, rain = sad. Which basically meansI’m a bitch 200 days out of the year. SORRY GUYS!

11. Will.

Now I’m partially adding him to the list because, yeah I love the stupid sod, but also because it’s his birthday this week and this might make him smile. If he read sthis. Which he probably won’t.

Will knows my head, and somehow understands it, and through understanding it he still also manages to put up with me. This man deserves a medal. Seriously.

Will, and his crazy hair-brained loud mouth amazing American girlfriend Anne Marie,inspire me. They are creative and make stuff and are ambitious and make me want to be better and be creative and make stuff too! Anyone in your life that do that, they are keepers right there! And more than that it seems they actually WANT to hang out with me, even when I do accidentally sabotage every meeting by being a moody cow, or crying or NEVER SHUTTING UP! They still keep calling, so I will therefore never let them go till the end of time the end.


Obviously there are LOAADDDS more things I could add, because there are loads and loads of things I love. And in fact, that was the point of this post, to be positive and realise just how many good things there are to be positive about in the universe.



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