Go missing...

It sometimes seems so ridiculous to me, this whole 9 to 5 thing (not that I do it). So much I sit at home on my own wishing I could just grab my friends, grab some stuff and just drive, go anywhere, drive for 2 or 3 hours, stopping off at random landmarks and cafe’s, bars and parks, just to see, and have no plan as to where exactly we’re going or what we’re going to do on the way but just let the adventure unfold. Cause that, that seems so much more worth living than just working all the time.

And I know, I get it, we need to work, we need to invest in ourselves, we need to earn and build a home, to build careers and have stable lives…but really, when we look back, most of that time we’re reliving the same stuff over and over again, and most of it will be forgotten in it’s repetitive and boring nature. I mean, wouldn’t you rather just go, go off? I’m not saying far you know, there is so much of our back garden to explore, the UK is big enough to explore for awhile, it doesn’t have to be overpowering, it just has to be something more than the day to day life. To meet a random person and become their best friend for a night, to camp in a random field with your music, to climb a peak, or roll down one!

Yes, I’m not doing it, I am writing about it but I too am not doing it, I just wish I didn’t have to face the prospect alone, I hope one day I can meet another,someone who has the drive to just do it sometimes, not to turn their back on a simple idea because they can’t be bothered, or it’s cold out, or they had to feed their cat, or they don’t have enough petrol money, or they’re saving for*insert obvious expensive probably pointless item here*, or, the always classic, I have to work. I just need one person, who would jump in the car with me now and drive down to Kent for a night, or come over next week and go up to the Lake District stopping off at all the brown tourist signs along the way,just to see what they are…

I could do it alone, maybe I’m scared, maybe I just think there is more joy in sharing it with another. Maybe I should consider my camera as my adventure seeking companion? And that camera would come with me wherever I go, just bumming around knocking into strangers for moments all the way, helping me remember the feel of a place, or the moment of the sunset.

We all need to do what we have to, and yes, I want to have a career too, but I want the memories, I want the stories, I want to live you know?

I just want things to be different sometimes, for it to not always be the same, I just want to go missing for a while.

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